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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. i read that if you turn in your company for misclassification that the irs will not award you any money and that the whistle blowers have diminished because the government isn’t living up to their end of the bargain. is this true? i work for a company that misclassified me and more than anything i want my social security and medicare paid for. please let me know what is the current status on this audit program?

  2. The general aviation industry is prolific with intentional misclassification of pilots; the light charter and flight school industry in particular. The “race to the bottom” has created a situation wherein employers feel compelled to use pilot pay and benefits as bargaining chips by which to undermine employees labor rights to offer a price lower than the competition. In doing so they are in blatant violation of IRS Tax Code by misclassifying their pilots as “contractors”. The pilots are told how to dress, when to be at work and for how long, and most importantly they are flying company equipment every time they work. That’s a W-2 employee, not a contractor. Fraud, fraud, fraud!

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